To begin the admissions process at Inner Solutions, please call 918-728-3133.

Our dedicated admissions staff at Inner Solutions is committed to making your experience as welcoming and simple as possible. At this time, Inner Solutions focuses on serving adults aged 18 and older.


When you reach out to us, a member of our professional staff will gather screening information from you and quickly proceed to recommend the least restricted, best-fit level of treatment care. Our goal is to provide the most helpful treatment experience, which will allow for the most successful outcomes for each admission. In most cases, the admissions process can be completed within 24 hours.


A willingness on your part to fully engage in the admission and treatment processes is essential to a quality recovery experience.


Referrals are often made by family members, physicians, treatment professionals, commercial insurance providers, social service agencies, employee assistance professionals and other concerned parties with whom we have a committed partnership. Note: Once the pre-admissions process is underway, only people for whom the client has signed a consent to release information may interact with Inner Solutions staff about the client.


We are committed to protecting the privacy of those who participate in our programs and abide by all applicable federal and state laws that protect such confidentiality. To begin the admissions process, please complete the initial form located above and call 918-728-3133 to begin the screening process. You may also email admissions by clicking here.