The brain disease of addiction (and long-term substance abuse) results in many symptoms. Much of the time, if left untreated, these diminished brain functions can progress into a number of inevitable debilitating conditions. Our brain is the control center for essentially every function needed to perform daily tasks and the communication hub for our body and all it's organs. We often take this truth (and our brain health) for granted. Even after years of neglect and abuse; however, our brain and the numerous functions previously available to us can be restored.


Brain Awareness Recovery Initiative (BARI) is a collaborative project created to produce and distribute educational materials designed to help the person in early addiction recovery identify areas of need for intervention and track progress achieved in brain function restoration. An important goal may be to build a solid foundation in all facets of recovery. BARI is a tool, one of many, that a person challenged by addiction needs to sustain long-term recovery. 


Our three poster series, as our first productions in the initiative, can offer identification of problem areas, new insight, helpful suggestions, and specific brain exercises for healing to help you put more "tools in your toolbox" to assist in creating a sustainable recovery plan. We have used numerous resources to come up with common brain function deficits experienced by a majority of people negatively affected by substance abuse and addiction.