In recovery, we believe that one of the most important areas of re-learning is how to experience normal pleasures from normally pleasurable means. Many of the folks suffering from the disease addiction either lose musical interest or have combined music with other components of an addicted lifestyle. Others have a desire to learn a musical skill but have never "gotten around to it" or lost interest in pursuing these skills because of an unhealthy addicted lifestyle. What's more, some even lose interest in listening to music altogether, for various reasons. 

The case for music integration into addiction treatment and recovery is very strong. The evidence that music helps to stimulate and re-energize numerous areas of the brain is plentiful and valid. At Inner Solutions, we offer this wonderful supplement to our other evidence-based treatment and recovery activities. 

Benefits of Addiction Recovery Assisted by Music

- Stress Reduction

- Increase focus and concentration

- Open new avenues of self-expression

- Release normal amounts of dopamine as opposed to an over production of dopamine as prompted by alcohol or other drugs

- Promote mindfulness and self-awareness

- Offer the ability to process and mature emotionally in a safe environment to articulate and overcome psychological obstacles

Types of Music-Related Resources

1) Beginner Guitar - Instruction learning chords and strumming techniques

2) Experienced Musicians​

   - Free Play - (therapeutic play) - headphones on, experience the therapy of          pulling music from yourself and grow through expression while being mindful of what you are playing and how it makes you feel

         - Group Jam - headphones off, work on your skills together as a group