The benefits of exercise and physical fitness extend far beyond those in addiction treatment and recovery. Research has shown that physical activity is proven to release and stabilize endorphins that improve mood and have positive effects on outlook. Overall, regular exercise can help improve sleep, energy, and well being, which all can help improve the quality of the recovery we seek at Inner Solutions. Additionally, the implementation of a fitness routine can help to create structure to eliminate free time or temptations once treatment is over. Simple steps such as taking a walk, riding a bike, or going for a jog can help redirect pent up emotions, or even give time to process them. The positive effects of building self confidence, improving mood, and encouraging positive outlets make combining this into our treatment methodologies a natural process as we seek to help positively alter and rewrite brain functioning.


Exercise equipment offerings include cardio equipment such as a treadmill, rowing machine, and elliptical, as well as free weights and a multipurpose weight machine.